Best VPN For Gaming – Live Ping Test

What’s going on everybody, welcome back. And today we’re going to be looking at which one of these three VPNs may satisfy your gaming needs.


Now, I’ll be linking all these special deals and offers that I could find in the description down below for all three VPNs if you’re interested in any of them, so with that out of the way, you know, for gaming, you ideally don’t really want to use a VPN, because it’s going to slow down your speed, your upload speed and your, your ping, it’s going to increase your Ping. So you know, you don’t really want to use it.

But for some players, maybe they don’t have another choice, because maybe they may be living in a country where the game they want to play is banned, which is unfortunate. You know, another reason you might want to use a VPN for gaming is that you may want to access different markets for cheaper games, or you may want to play with players from different regions.

So you access those regions by your access, excuse me access to those regions, by switching your IP address to the desired region, and you’ll be able to play and you’re good to go. So just to show you guys, my ping is 5 million milliseconds for five milliseconds. That is the latency. So what we’re gonna do is going to be we’re going to be testing the same server across all three VPN, the same, not the same server, the same country, and ideally the same city. So in this case, it Elisa, Milan, and all the protocols, we’re going to be using our wire Guard Base protocols.

So for ExpressVPN, that’ll be the lightweight protocol for surf shark, it’ll be wire guard and Nord VPN, that’ll be Nord links. That’s what it’s called. So. So five milliseconds, and I’m already connected to it elite. So we’re just going to give it a quick test here another test, I already tested before and gave me 51. So yeah, we’re just gonna run another test, you know, some of these results may differ from one test to another, you know, it’ll be like a one or two, ping. What’s it called? difference? It’s not that much of a big deal.

So, you know, earlier, I got 51 or 52. And now I got 50. So, you know, it’ll, it’ll, it’ll roughly fluctuate in between, you know, sometimes I’ll even get 48 or 49. So, give or take to one or two milliseconds. So that’s, that’s the deal when it comes to these tests. So yeah, so we’re getting 50. With ExpressVPN. In Italy’s Milan, let’s check out surf shark, now, I’m going to have to wait for the test to finish, otherwise, the results will go away.

So that’ll be a result, we’re not going to focus on download or upload speeds for today. So we’re just going to be looking at Ping. Now, let’s, let’s connect to surf shark, and see how it performs. Great, we’re connected, give it a quick refresh. And we’ll see what kind of results we’re getting today. With this. Okay. 75 Ping. Wow, that’s very interesting.

Okay, that’s, that’s quite a bit. Now. You know, just to be fair, we’re gonna test out one more server across all three VPN, just to make sure that we’re being as fair as possible, because surf shark may actually provide less being in some cases, excuse me. But yeah, for this server, it seems like it’s being outperformed by Express.

Express is a pretty premium service. So you know, it’s expected. So yeah, where we’re at, but it actually gave us a higher, what’s it called Higher, higher speeds. So that’s pretty interesting… ran out of the 5k characters limit, sorry guys.

Video Timestamps:
0:00 – Introduction
1:07 – Initiating speed test
1:53 – ExpressVPN Italy Servers Speed
2:50 – Surfshark Italy Servers Speed
3:52 – NordVPN Italy Servers Speed
5:05 – ExpressVPN France Servers Speed
6:18 – Surfshark France Servers Speed
7:28 – NordVPN France Servers Speed
8:04 – Conclusion
9:03 – Outro
Transcript for Best VPN For Gaming – Live Ping Test

Hope you enjoyed my Best VPN For Gaming – Live Ping Test Video

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