Best VPN for Mac in 2021🔥 Top 5 VPN choices for your Apple device

Best VPNs for Mac in 2021: Reviewed & Ranked

Have you noticed that Windows & Android are a priority when it comes to software development? That’s why a lot of VPNs for Mac are poorly optimized for the system or simply don’t work properly. Guys, in this video, I’ll list some of my favorite VPNs for mac that not only have dedicated apps but also come with great security features and outstanding performance.

00:00 Intro Best VPNs for Mac in 2021
0:26 Why not all VPNs are great for Mac?
00:45 Why do you need a VPN for Mac?
1:10 My top recommendations: TOP 5 VPNs for Macbook
1:35 NordVPN for macOS & iOS review
2:17 Does NordVPN unblock Netflix on Mac?
2:37 Surfshark VPN for Mac review
3:20 Can you use Surfshark on unlimited devices for iOS?
4:00 Does ExpressVPN has a kill switch for macOS & iOS?
4:23 Best VPN for Macbook: Pricing compared
4:30 Is Windcribe free for Mac?
4:47 Windscribe speed test
5:26 PIA for Mac review

You can download VPN for Mac for entertainment as well – it’ll help to unblock geo-blocked content from streaming platforms like Netflix, save you money on the regional sales or help you safely download torrents with optimized servers.

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