Christmas Tech Gifts 2020 | 12 Gift ideas for tech lovers

Stick around and find out what the best gifts for tech lovers are this year, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll get the most amazing Christmas gift your loved ones have ever seen.

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01:01 What tech gifts would be the best for Christmas?
01:30 What would be a perfect gift for tech nerds?
02:29 Why VPN is a great gift for Christmas?
03:39 What is a great gift for foodies?
04:54 Our Christmas gift recommendation for active people
05:09 What are tech gifts for new genereation?

VPN as a Christmas gift is ideal for anyone looking for more online privacy, protection when using public wifi, or for anyone wanting to spoof their location.

“Why would I want to spoof my location?”
Well, maybe you want to watch some foreign streaming platforms like BBC iPlayer, but you can’t because you’re not in the UK. With a VPN just spoof your location to the UK and watch what you want. Watch any streams you want, wherever you want, whenever you want. This works with many countries and services, the list is pretty impressive!

There are quite a few I can suggest, but my favourites for now are NordVPN, Surfshark, or PrivateVPN. All of them work for me anytime and they get good customer feedback. Plus, they have offer a money-back guarantee.

Price wise they’re all pretty much in the same ballpark, but vary from around 8 to 13 dollars per month. But if you choose an annual or 2, 3-year subscription, prices drop significantly!

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