Do VPNs slow down internet speed?? πŸ”₯MYTH DEBUNKED | VPN SPEED

Worried about VPN speed? Do VPNs slow down internet speed?

Have you fallen for one of the most popular VPN myths of all time? Still think that VPNs slow down your internet speed significantly? Well, in this video, I’m gonna debunk this myth about VPNs and speeds, and also answer the question, does a VPN increase internet speed.

Does VPN slow the internet so much that it becomes unbearable to use it? Short answer: no. Long answer: it depends. Good VPN will never slow you down too much.

00:00 Intro
01:00 How VPNs work?
01:50 Internet speed with VPN vs without VPN
02:40 NordVPN speed test results
03:03 Does a VPN increase VPN speed?
03:50 Bottom line: Do VPNs slow down internet speed?

This is the 2nd VPN myth and perhaps the most common. There are a lot of VPNs that promise to preserve your speed, but not every one delivers. Sometimes, it’s a tech problem, older protocols like OpenVPN and IPsec struggle to bring out good speeds for you. That’s why you might wanna try out brand new WireGuard – it’s a protocol available in most premium VPNs nowadays, and there are a couple you can get with a discount right now!

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