ExpressVPN 2020 Year in Review | What new ExpressVPN has to offer?

ExpressVPN 2020 has been amongst the leading VPN providers in the industry. However… these guys are catching up. Has ExpressVPN been improving its services enough to stay ahead… or is it starting to fall behind?

00:00 Intro
01:11 What is ExpressVPN Lightway?
01:39 ExpressVPN speed test
02:08 What are advantages of ExpressVPN and Lastpass partnership?
03:02 What is ExpressVPN Bug-bounty program?
04:14 How ExpressVPN improved their support?
05:16 What is new for Linux users?
05:48 How does ExpressVPN compared with other VPNs?

First up in this 2020 ExpressVPN review are the two most crucial changes it has made this year. In October, ExpressVPN released Lightway, a cutting-edge tunnelling protocol developed by the ExpressVPN team. ExpressVPN Lightway has fewer lines of code than most other protocols, and is generally faster, smarter, and more secure. Connection times are shorter too, and Lightway is supposed to be much less power-hungry than any other protocol, making it perfect for mobile devices!

For ExpressVPN users, ExpressVPN Lightway is a huge step forward in convenience and security. It also shows us that ExpressVPN is a forward-thinking service with enough internal resources for major developments.

In September, ExpressVPN also announced that it was partnering up with LastPass, gifting one free month of ExpressVPN to premium and family LastPass subscribers. And in case you don’t know – LastPass is a massive name in the online security world, it’s one of the most popular password managers with a track record of top-notch security.

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