How to use Surfshark VPN on phone: FULL LIVE showcase of Surfshark app

You’re paying or willing to pay for Surfshark VPN every month… but are you getting the most out of that Surfshark app? Today, you’re gonna find out how to make every bell and whistle built into Surfshark VPN work for you.

00:00 Intro
00:55 What is quick connect in Surfshark VPN?
01:15 How to set which apps will use VPN?
02:00 How to see your IP address?
02:28 How to use Surfshark VPN with a speed test
03:30 How to use surfshark for Netflix?
04:00 What are Surfshark VPN special features?
05:39 Bottom line: How to use Surfshark VPN on phone?

Here’s how to change the default quick connect setting. There are only two options: fastest server, or nearest country. The list underneath the quick connect button shows all the servers you’ve connected to recently; you can connect with these as well.

Surfshark VPN makes it really easy to tell when you’re connected to a Surfshark server. The Surfshark logo will show up on the notifications bar of your phone if you’re connected. You can swipe down for more details.

In the app, there’s also a straightforward way to see your new IP address. Hit this green “Connected” message. Here’s your new IP address. The kill switch is also here. It’s a good idea to always have this on, as it automatically shuts the internet down if the VPN crashes. There are tons of locations to choose from, some locations have multiple city options too.

Guys, lots of Surfshark VPN reviews say that this is a great VPN for streaming, I’m sure you wanna know how to use Surfshark for Netflix. It’s actually very simple. There are so many Surfshark VPN Netflix libraries, it’s always a good idea to experiment with different servers to see which one gets the best results.

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