Nordvpn vs Cyberghost Speed Test – Which One Are The Faster?

Today we’re going to be live testing both Nordvpn vs Cyberghost. Now all links to special deals or discounts that I could find will be linked in the description down below. So let’s get right into it.

Now I’m going to be testing one server that’s nearby, such as the Italian server and one server that’s much, much farther away, such as the United States or Asia, we’ll see what happens. Now, we’re going to be using the fastest protocols for both VPN, which is going to be the open VPN option for what they don’t have many options, really just open VPN and ikf. Two for cyberghost. And we’re going to be testing using Nord VPN, the Nord links, option, there’s open VPN, TCP, UDP and Nord links.

Now Nord links is the quickest protocol. So yeah, we’re trying to get the best out of both the best performance out of these VPN. So that’s what we’re going to do. Now, I already took the liberty of testing my speed without a VPN, and I got six ping 12 point, 31 megabits per second and 0.88 megabits of upload. That’s, you know, not not not the fastest.

But that’s my internet. So let’s start with the Italian server for cyberghost. Let’s see how it does. Bring it over here, I’m going to be using ookla. That’ll be speed test dotnet, if you want to do your own test, and it’s, if you didn’t know, it’s natural for a VPN to really just slow down your speed, but a good VPN and your latency.

A good VPN up, okay, just give it a quick reload, but a good VPN will minimize that decrease in speed as much as possible. And that’s what we’re here to test today in in these two VPNs. And if you didn’t know cyberghost has over 6000, probably one of the, you know, it’s it’s it’s a huge variety, normally VPNs have, like just over two or 3000 servers.

But yeah, cyberghost has a huge variety of servers. And so yeah, we’re using open VPN, off to a good start really, with the download speed here. I’m expecting you know, if if my original speed here is 12 point, 31. In this specific speed test, I would like it to not go below 11 point 30. So that’s pretty good. 11 point 31. At least, you know, one way one megabits per second, decrease is not bad at all.

So yeah, cyberghost seems to be doing very well here. Okay, great. So we have 11 point, 43 megabits per second, I’m going to keep this window on my other screen here. And we’ll keep it for later. Now. Let’s go ahead, disconnect and disconnect cyberghost. And connect. Yes, thank you, and connect Nord VPN and see how it does bring a brand new ookla page here. And here we go. Give it a quick refresh. And go for it. So speaking of servers, cyberghost has, as I said, over 6000 servers, Nord VPN has over 3000 servers.

Now the huge variety for cyberghost is because they have a lot of virtual servers. That’s That’s why you know, they have such a huge right, not all of them are physical server. Okay, now we can already tell there’s a difference here, the ping is going to remain the same, there’s not going to be much difference in ping because that’s up to that’s that’s kind of up to your own connection doesn’t matter.

We’re here to test speed, mainly. So. Yeah. Okay, so here’s the difference. We’ve got 11 point 64 for Nord VPN, and 11 point 43 for cyberghost 0.8 in terms of upload speed for Nord VPN, and zero point 74. So Nord VPN wins the first test. Now, let’s go ahead and test a server that is much much farther away. Such as, okay, let’s go as far as the West Coast.

Let’s go Let’s go much, much farther away. Maybe Washington or Okay, let’s go for Washington. And let’s, let’s pick a server with the least bit of load possible. You can tell here the amount of load. That’s a pretty cool feature… ran out of the 5k character limit, sorry guys.


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Hope you enjoyed my Nordvpn vs Cyberghost Speed Test – Which One Are The Faster? Video

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2:59 – 1st NordVPN Speed Test
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8:33 – 2nd NordVPN Speed Test
9:50 – 2nd Speed Test Results
12:12 – Conclusion
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