NordVPN Year in Review | What new NordVPN has to offer?

New NordVPN climbed to the top of the list of VPN providers, but can it still claim the title of “best” with the whole year behind us?
Let me show you how NordVPN worked on maintaining it’s status throughout 2020 in this NordVPN review!

00:00 Intro
01:18 What is NordLynx protocol?
01:38 NordVPN speed test
02:05 What changed in NordVPN security?
02:50 What changed with NordVPN phone app update?
03:26 NordVPN comparison with other great VPNs
04:30 Bottom line: What NordVPN improved in 2020?

Perhaps the greatest change in NordVPN that happened in 2020 is the implementation of the NordLynx protocol on all available platforms. For those who don’t know, NordVPN took the solid WireGuard protocol to create NordLynx and their effort was not wasted. NordLynx became a state-of-the-art protocol and a trump card for NordVPN, making it possible to achieve connection speeds and stability once thought impossible for VPNs.

You can run any speed test to verify that claim, but the independent NordVPN speed test performed by AV-test says the most – NordVPN is at top of the list, with a significant lead. NordVPN’s NordLynx protocol first premiered on Linux exclusively, but in 2020, they implemented it for all of their applications. On all the platforms

**NordVPN Security**
And speed is not the only part where new NordVPN improved: security received a boost as well, since they started to introduce collocated servers. These servers belong only to NordVPN, which helps to avoid any possible security leaks from third-parties. The first of the collocated servers opened in Finland, but that’s just the beginning! New NordVPN aims to make all of their servers collocated, and that’s more than 5500 servers in 59 countries!

Integration with their other security tools has also been a great security upgrade.NordVPN decided to make all of their products as connected as possible, so now only one account is required to access NordVPN, NordPass and NordLocker! A small quality of life change, but a welcomed one!

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