Secure Email in 2021? YES! (check out the best alternatives to Gmail)

Does your email provider offer end-to-end encryption? (hint: if you use Gmail, the answer is NO). So what are the recommended alternatives to Gmail…and are they even worth it? Here’s my take.

▶ Try ProtonMail:
▶ Try Hushmail:
▶ Try Tutanota:

If you care about your personal security and privacy online, download my free security checklist here:
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We’ve got a lot of great privacy- and security-related content here on the All Things Secured YouTube channel (although we admit we’re a bit biased). If you’re wanting to increase your online cybersecurity, here’s what’s next:

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✅ Are spy apps safe?

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✅ Recommended Password Manager:

✅ Recommended Identity Monitoring:

✅ Recommended 2FA Security Key:

✅ Recommended Secure Email:

Video Timestamps
0:00 – Introduction
0:18 – Why Secure Email?
1:38 – Selection Criteria for Alternatives to Gmail
2:11 – ProtonMail
3:31 – Hushmail
4:24 – Tutanota
5:13 – The Dual Email Philosophy

There are several reasons why you should start looking for an alternate email provider. In this video, I’ll explain how an alternate email could protect your most sensitive data, plus I’ll share my recommended secure email providers. Additionally, I’ll explain the dual email philosophy and why you should consider adapting to it.

What Is the “Explorer.exe”?

Speaking about what explorer.exe is, what the related errors are, and the way to remove the problems. The documents is used to implement solutions of an application, system and server ask for the processes msdt.exe as well as ntkrnlpa.exe, and to support gadget chauffeurs in an Averatec computer.

Determining If Your Computer System/Web Site Is Infected With Viruses

So today let’s talk concerning a few of the signs of being contaminated with a virus or viruses. How can we tell if it occurred if your hackers do not leave a promotion of their access?

Need Ransomware Removal? It’s Already Too Late

The newer ransomware is deceitfully extremely good software program. It locks you out of your data and afterwards goes searching for even more sufferers on your network. If you’ve got one infection, you are most likely to obtain more.

What a Virus Does to Your Computer System

Company owner need to take obligation for this due to the fact that nobody else is mosting likely to. Wish to endure? Then obtain busy and a minimum of begin the learning procedure. I’m not selling you something. I want you to take the duty of conserving on your own. Your initial step is finding out. The price of not taking major precautions can be high indeed. Viruses are nasty little points and they can wreck significant damage, sometimes to your whole computer system.

Ransomware Attacks Show That Healthcare Must Take Cybersecurity Seriously

While medical care suppliers as well as medical care sector vendors can not manage to disregard HIPAA, a brand-new risk has actually emerged as well as is positioned to come to be much larger: ransomware strikes on medical facilities and also doctor that are not seeking to breach person info however rather provide it inaccessible till the company pays a large ransom. In simply the previous couple of weeks, the following significant ransomware assaults on health care facilities have happened:

Types of Anti-Virus Programs for Your Computer System

It’s quite incredible exactly how intricate the subject of anti-virus programs can appear to be. It can be so extremely made complex that for lots of people it’s nearly impossible to figure it out. However, for most individuals it’s not required or also essential to determine all the technological details. You just require to understand generally exactly how they wound you so you can make the very best decisions on what you personally require to stay unhacked and safe.

Are You Waiting for the Government to Solve Cyber Security?

Certainly the trouble with those people is the damage they intentionally carry out in the computer system as well as internet websites as a whole. Viruses as well as malware make your life a lot harder. Even if these people do not do specific damages within the cyber system, they show others how and those individuals are bent on damages for whatever factors. In some cases temper at a certain organization or sort of service and also in some cases simply an anarchic character.

Internet And Privacy Issues

The increases to the use of internet by people, in numerous circumstances are uninformed of the details being gathered concerning them. Unlike these, people worried regarding the personal privacy as well as protection issues are limiting their use the Internet, abstaining them from buying products online.

I Need Virus Protection and I’m Not an Engineer!

Good Early morning: I realize that I have been writing as though to a group of IT engineers. You are more probable to be business owners that need info. I assure to attempt my best to supply details that works and also interesting and will certainly assist you to save your organizations from assault by the very people that wish to ruin what you have built, and also often for no far better factor than boasting legal rights.

Does Cyber Security Require a Business Impact Analysis for My Company’s Computer System?

When the most awful happens you will require a Healing and Reconstitution Plan in order to restore your computer systems. And also in order to do that you simply have to have a Service Impact Analysis (BIS). It is a vital component of contingency planning as well as preparation. Your total output of your Company Influence Analysis will certainly provide your enterprise with 2 important elements …

Proper Cyber-Security Can Lengthen My Company’s Life

Your company is quite simply not going to continue if somebody doesn’t make it their key task to look after Computer Security. So allow’s go right into some of the typical strategies that you can comply with to make your enterprise stronger and also extra resistant from all the destructive malware that is out there targeting us.

Computer Security Keeps My Enterprise Healthy

It is absolutely crucial that you establish as well as maintain cyber-security for your computer system systems. Make indisputable about it. This is an existential danger. Exactly how you react to it will certainly establish if your venture maintains a healthy and balanced expectation. Or diminishes. Your choice!

Security Planning for Your Cloud Journey

With the popularization of Cloud adjustment and also the ease that concerns a company with Cloud computer, there is a crucial requirement for thinking about protection for the Cloud facilities. While many companies are reluctant to embrace the Cloud neglecting the noticeable benefits, this post goes over some factors that can strengthen and also encourage choice making of organizations concerning the cloud.

Can Cyber-Security Threats Be Existential?

What is the best hazard to your company? Is it your competitors? Exactly how around your vendors? Possibly it’s just the economic climate, right? In fact no. It is online protection and absolutely nothing else is even close. Close your eyes to it as well as the presence of your service is at stake! Not your competitors, not your suppliers, and no, not the economic climate. Computer safety and security is that vital!

Is My Computer Security System Safe From Attack?

You can rather acquire your very own safety, without having to employ people you do not know to go right into your private systems. As well as by doing it on your own, you can be sure what is and what is not consisted of.

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