StrongVPN 2021 Review πŸ”₯ 100% BRUTALLY HONEST REVIEW!

Transcript for StrongVPN 2021 Review – 100% BRUTALLY HONEST REVIEW!

Greetings everybody can hear with yet another in a long line of VPN reviews designed to help you my loyal viewers suss out what is worthy of your hard-earned dollar crypto, whatever it is your currency of choice maybe these days under the microscope today is strong VPN. And we’re going to find out if a strong VPN falls victim to Ken’s old adage that if you put some type of modifier in there then implies you do something well, you better do it well. So strong VPN, you better be tough. And how does one determine? And you may be wondering, Ken, how do you determine whether a strong VPN fits the mark? And that’s a great question. And the answer is the Mount Rushmore of VPN awesomeness. And if for some reason strong VPN does not live up to its name, and meet that proverbial mark, you know, I have recommendations for you. So check the description below for that. And of course, I’ll include any deals discounts, coupon codes that aren’t available on the internet to save you money, because I care, and saving money is cool. So you can spend it on other things. So feel free to take advantage of that, if you like four things, every VPN should have to be considered good and worthy of your hard-earned money. And those things are the ease of use, how easy is it to use their platform, their add all those things? Is it compatible with a multitude of classes? And if you run into a problem, what is it like to deal with their customer support? Number two is security. It’s a virtual private network. So what are they doing to keep you virtually private? As you surf their network? What’s the encryption like they have a logging policy are there leaks or other things like that three is performance speed is everything, all the features in the world are wonderful. But if it’s slow as molasses, then you’re going to be experiencing lags not be able to bust through those geo-blocks and geo-restrictions that prevent you from accessing content on those streaming sites like Netflix and Disney plus and Hulu if you don’t live in the country that it’s available. And what other things can it do? What can it do? Lastly, value? Are you really getting that bang for your buck? Do they have a money-back guarantee or a free trial to be able to give it a test run? So with all that said strong VPN step into the ring, and when it came to the ease of use, I did actually find that the user interface was a little on the outdated side, which was a little bit of a disappointment for me, honestly, because one of the things I’m always considering when we’re testing everything in the lab is putting myself in the mindset of a beginner and making sure that despite all the vast cadre of knowledge I have on VPNs and all things related to the internet. So I want to put myself in the mindset of somebody who’s never used this stuff before and think about what they’re trying to accomplish when they’re looking at a VPN. So when it came to the user interface, I found that to be a little bit more on the disappointing side, however, it was compatible with a multitude of classes. And more importantly, when it came to customer support, they were quick, they were helpful, it seemed like they knew what they were talking about. So despite how somewhat outdated the user interface was when you ran into a problem, they were very quick and helpful to solve it’s security-wise, they use the standard military-grade Aes 256 bit encryption, they do have a no-logs policy and those unfamiliar with it means that they do not keep a log of your activity, which is what we essence of a VPN, making sure that… ran out of the 5k character limit, sorry guys.

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Video Timestamp:
0:00 – Introduction
0:47 – Criteria For a Good VPN
2:16 – Ease of Use
3:05 – Security
3:46 – Performance
4:27 – Value
5:05 – StrongVPN Overall Sum
5:29 – Best Overall VPN
6:57 – Best VPN For Anonimity & Security
7:46 – Outro


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