Surfshark for Netflix 😲 Does it unblock Netflix in 2021?

Today I’m gonna be showing you guys how to unblock Netflix libraries using a VPN. Now my VPN of choice for that task, which is unblocking Netflix libraries would be surf shark, surf shark is able to unblock the most amount of Netflix libraries with very stable and good reliability.

So given the reliability of surf shark, that will be the one I’ll be using over other VPN. So if you’re interested in that, you can check out the link down in the description for links to special deals and offers that I could just find for you guys, and may not be available actually on the original surf shark website. So feel free to take advantage of that. Now, before getting into this, we’re just going to show you guys that I’m using the wire guard protocol. You can use an open VPN if you’d like.

But I prefer wire guard simply because it’s, you know, faster, as simple as that. So I’m gonna be using two examples. One is exclusive. Show and one Japanese exclusive one Japan-exclusive show. And the US exclusive show is going to be para nor men. As you can tell, it’s not available in the Japan-exclusive show is Vinland saga.

Okay, so you can tell that both are pretty much unavailable for me, I don’t have any access to them. So what we’re going to do is close Netflix, and the one thing to keep in mind is that sometimes because Netflix is trying to kind of readjust to the IP addresses because you’re hopping in between IP addresses. So you might want to connect, and you might have to wait like a minute before opening Netflix backup.

So if you just open it right away, it may not work. Now, sometimes it does. But Netflix might just you know, take a little bit more time to adjust to your new or recognize that you’re on a new IP address. And you know, it unblocks that, that library. So we’re we’ve been in the server for 10 seconds, so we’re just going to give it a try. And if it doesn’t work, you’ll know why. So we’re gonna look up para, nor mint. And it is available. There it is. So it worked right away.

There it is. It worked right away. And there are no problems with unblocking that. So that’s pretty cool. Let’s close it again. Okay. And this connects and look up the Vinland Saga show on the Japanese server, excuse me with the notifications here. So yeah, take few seconds, it’ll take a few seconds to connect, but should be there any time. Okay, so let’s try connecting right away to Netflix and see if it works. See if it works. Look up Vinland Saga. There it is. So yeah, it didn’t work because we connected right away. So let’s give it a little bit more time.

Sometimes you just have to give it like a minute or two to readjust. So we’ve been in there for 30 seconds. So let’s give it another shot and see what happens. So Vinland There it is. So yeah, just yeah, even less than a minute we’ve Yeah, so yeah, that that totally works. Anyway, it’s as simple as that. If you again, if you connect to a server and hop on to Netflix right away, and not find that don’t just assume that it’s not able to unblock.

That’s the same case with other VPNs as well. So yeah, don’t Yeah, just give it a minute or two and then log into Netflix. Just remember that Netflix needs time needs a little bit of time, you know, 30 seconds or a minute to readjust to the IP addresses since you’re hopping back and forth from you know one IP address to another. So anyways guys, that’ll be the end of the video. This is how you unblock Netflix libraries.

Hope you enjoyed it again. You’ll find links to special deals and discounts in the description down below to surf shark and like this subscribe would help out a lot if you enjoyed the video. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you guys in the next one.

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