Surfshark VPN review πŸ”₯ Is it a new BEST VPN for you in 2021!?

Why this Surfshark VPN review ?? Surfshark has done a lot in 2020, it’s no longer just a “best newcomer” in the VPN world, it’s a full member of the VPN industry. Find out everything you need to know about Surfshark VPN for 2021 in this review!

1:09 Why you should trust my review?
2:15 What updates did Surfshark do in 2020?
2:23 Surfshark & WireGuard implementation
2:45 RAM-only servers: What does it mean?
3:16 Two-factor Authentification on Surfshark
3:27 New Surfshark alert tool explained
3:58 Surfshark’s privacy features reviewed
4:13 Where is Surfshark VPN based?
4:35 Security features
5:17 Surfshark speed test
5:32 Surfshark speeds compared to other VPNs
5:45 Can Surfshark unblock multiple streaming platforms?
6:47 Surfshark apps: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, etc
8:08 Surfshark pricing plans overwied
9:09 Surfshark vs NordVPN vs ExpressVPN vs PIA

Surfshark VPN has proven to be a great service. Through 2020 they implemented a lot of new features, added a WireGuard protocol to their roster, and even switched to RAM-only servers, and that’s just in under a year’s time! It’s certainly one of the most promising VPNs and definitely the one to look after in 2021!

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