Unblocking Netflix – ExpressVPN vs NordVPN πŸ”₯ Which is The Best VPN For Netflix?

I thought I would do a little test just to see the difference between Express VPN and Nord VPN when it comes to unblocking Netflix. So if we go into Netflix, I went to that loads up into my account here, and then we search for the title, the flash, you’ll see that it doesn’t show up.

That is because I’m browsing from the UK, and it’s not available to watch in the UK. So we’re going to come back to that, we are going to open up ExpressVPN. And then we’re just going to connect to any server that is in America.

So this one here in the US, New York would be absolutely fine. Okay, so that’s now connected, we’re going to come back into Netflix. Now, I never usually have a problem with Express at all. So I’m pretty sure this is going to run pretty smoothly.

But then when we search for the flash, you’ll see that there is in the list ready to watch. And you can just click play. And there we have it, it’s already halfway through where I was watching it the other day. So let’s disconnect from Express and close that down.

And then we’re going to do the same thing with Nord VPN. So if we just come down and we look for where is Nord, here we go. Nord VPN. Now, I haven’t actually tested this yet, with Nord. But I’m assuming it’s going to work fine. It takes a little longer to load up than Express. But we are in a case. So where’s the United States in this list?

There we go. So it’s connecting to the states and is connected already. And then we can come back to Netflix. Loading speeds, pretty much the same as Express. And then we just got to search for the oop, that’s not how you spell the flash. But there it is, the flash comes up straightaway, and clicking on it. And it is playing instantly the same as it was with Express.

So for this particular task, I’m going to say that they pretty much even with that. I mean, I think the Express speeds can usually be a bit better. But depending on where you are in the world, sometimes you’ll actually find better speeds with Nord as well. Yeah, all in all, if you’re looking to unblock Netflix, you can see that they both do a pretty good job. So whichever option you go for, you’re not going to be disappointed.

What I’ll do is I’ll stick a link down in the description below and that’ll take you to the latest deal or discount that they might have on offer. So I hope you enjoyed the video. I hope that helped and thanks for watching.


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βœ… Unblocking Netflix – ExpressVPN vs NordVPN which is the best VPN for Netflix?
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β–Ί ExpressVPN Review (In-depth) ➜ https://youtu.be/gPj9Lq76icA
β–Ί NordVPN Review (In-depth) ➜ https://youtu.be/pv4v7QC6UFQ
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